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Inspire pride and spirit with boldly executed artwork featuring your school’s mascot, crest, logo or insignia. Students and alumni who walk your halls today, tomorrow and well into the future will be filled with memories of time spent at your institution when they see what we create for you.

Murals, signs and other school related artwork make eye-catching statements to all who visit your buildings. We’ll work with you to understand the culture, relevant symbols and colors of your institution and create a fantastic piece of art or multiple projects throughout your school. Use our services to decorate both interior and exterior surfaces such as floors, walls, scoreboards and more. Or share your accomplishments and awards of excellence with a National Blue Ribbon School Insignia or California Distinguished School logo for all to see.

No matter what you’d like to display, we’ll handle your job with extreme attention to detail using materials that are beautiful, yet durable, ensuring years of enjoyment. Art Works has completed over 70 projects on more than 33 campuses in and around Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area. Our reputation continues to earn praise and referrals for:

  • Beautiful, durable artwork featuring mascots, crests, insignias and school colors
  • Interior and exterior work that looks bright bold and beautiful year after year
  • Paintings on walls, floors, scoreboards, dugouts and much more
  • Painted displays of award/excellence logos such as Blue Ribbon Schools or California Distinguished Schools

If now is the time to spruce up your gymnasium floor or finally show the world your school’s recognition of excellence, we can help. School murals, signs, and mascots make an eye-catching statement on a variety of different surfaces. Together we can make it as classic or creative as you wish—a perfect fit for the culture of your school’s students, faculty and staff. All who enter will cheer for your home team when greeted by original artwork featuring your mascot and colors.

All of us at Art Works are proud to be the vendor of choice for so many Silicon Valley school districts. Get in touch with Art Works and get your school sign, mascot, or mural project started today!

Here’s where we’ve helped other schools:

At the Entrance

Name Signs

  • New monuments
  • Hand-painted lettering
  • Dimensional letters
  • Mascot murals

Award Emblems (hand-painted or dimensional)

  • California Distinguished
  • National Blue Ribbon
  • Title I
  • International Baccalaureate

Throughout Campus

  • Mascots (either murals or dimensional
  • Building ID Signage (hand-painted or dimensional)

In the Gym

  • Hand-painted Mascot murals
  • Sports Champion Plaques

On the Field

  • Scoreboard refreshment
  • Press box lettering / signs
  • Bleacher lettering



Your school has worked hard to achieve this accomplishment. Why not recognize everyone’s efforts and show pride in their result with an emblem that stands out from the building like your award-winning school stands out from the others?

Our most popular design, we make our dimensional school award emblems circular in 36” and 48” diameters. They’re cut from ¾” MDO plywood. Their edges are epoxy-sealed under the finish coat of oil-based enamel that goes over the entire emblem. Graphics are either hand painted or of high-performance vinyl film. The emblems are hung from cleats (provided) and need only an additional screw through the bottom to stabilize them.

As a final consideration, our dimensional emblems are popular with schools today because they can be moved if necessary or desired, and they are easier for district painters to mask and paint around than flat wall art.


Replace those old, dusty, hard-to-update cloth banners hanging way up high near the ceiling in the gym with new, clean, easy-to-update wall plaques. Roughly 24” x 36”, they are cut from 1/8” PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) plastic. This material comes in a variety of primary colors or can be painted if necessary to achieve your school’s colors. Graphics are of high-performance vinyl films.

The PVC Sports Champion Plaques are affixed to the wall with Very High Bond double-backed tape and caulking, so they’re not going anywhere. When it’s time to update your best team(s)’s statistics, simply notify us of the size and color of your numbers and we’ll cut you new numbers in matching vinyl for only a small handling charge. We’ll send along instructions for how to apply them, and you’ll have easy-to-read, easily updated champion statistics to show off in your gym.


Of course photos of the area(s) you’re considering for the mural are always helpful. Something to give us an idea of scale (a strip of blue tape that’s visible in the photo, placed 6’ up from the ground, for example) is ideal.

Other helpful details to include, if possible, are:

  • Is this an interior or exterior wall? (If that’s not obvious from the photos.)
  • What is the approximate size of each of the area(s) you are considering?
  • What texture does the wall have (if not obvious from photos)?
  • Do you have a computer file of your mascot? We can accept .pdf or .ai formats.
  • What are your school colors?

You can email us at, or we’re happy to speak on the phone. Either way, once we know what’s on your mind we’ll be in touch to schedule the free preliminary on-site visit we offer.

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